DLA Energy SEA Card Program Announcement - Authorized Bunker Fuel Product JP5 Nov 14, 2023
The DLA Energy SEA Card Program Office is pleased to announce the ability to order bunker fuel product JP5 using the SEA Card® online system. The SEA Card® Ordering Officer now has the ability to create a contract order or an open market request for quote (RFQ) for JP5 at CONUS and OCONUS commercial port locations. When submitting an RFQ for fuel product JP5, please build in enough lead time in case the vendors are unable to support the procurement so you can resubmit an RFQ for another fuel product.

Currently, there are no DLA Energy bunker fuel contracts for JP5. This is your opportunity to submit fuel requirements for JP5 using the DLA Form 2053. We will use these requirements to assist with future solicitation options. The DLA Form 2053 is provided for your application for JP5. Please complete the form and email to The SEA Card® program team manages the requirements until there is a solution.

Questions may be emailed to
Worldwide Fuel Shortages and Market Instability Jun 09, 2022
Due to fuel shortages and market instability worldwide, product under various Bunker Contract CLINs may be currently unavailable or in short supply. Recommend Customers allow maximum lead time before delivery, and that the Ordering Officer contact the merchant to confirm availability before placing the order.
“NOTICE: Many foreign countries prohibit ordered fuel to be returned to the terminal from which it was ordered. Any Request for Quote (“RFQ”) that is AWARDED and then you CANCEL in a foreign country will result in ancillary (backhaul/cancellation) charges. DLA Energy is not responsible for any ancillary or associated charges incurred from a customer’s cancellation of an award.
When applicable, it is your responsibility to provide your Husbanding Service Provider (“HSP”) contact information to the Vendor immediately upon awarding a SEA Card® order.” For Navy customers, your ship’s operating target (OPTAR) funds will be charged all associated costs for cancelling the award, whether the fuel is taken or not.

When submitting your quote, all offerors MUST upload a copy of fuel spec and FAME and Sulfur content for the product offered.

Fuel spec must be in ENGLISH. Failure to do so will render your offer unacceptable.

In addition, for all US Navy RFQs, offerors must confirm in the offer:

1. Does fuel contain FAME? If so, what is the percentage.
2. Is fuel offered 100% Distillate?
3. Is fuel offered compliant with ISO 8217 DMA?

Navy Announcement: Foreign Port RFQ Process Oct 03, 2018
When submitting your Request for Quote (RFQ) requesting delivery at a foreign naval port, submit your RFQ 10-15 business days prior to your RDD to allow all necessary documentation to be obtained for a timely delivery.
Navy Announcement - FUEL ORDERING PROCESS Sep 07, 2017
1) Military Sealift Command Oilers
2) DFSPs
3) Other Navy Ships
4) DLA Charter Tankers;
5) Foreign Government per Fuel Exchange Agreements;
6) Commercial Bunker Contracts (SEA Card Contract Orders);
7) Commercial Vendors (SEA Card Open Market Orders)
See NAVSUP and DLA Energy website for further guidance.
ATTENTION Accountable Officials Apr 25, 2017
DLA Energy recommends the AO dispute the fulfilment details when the merchant has not provided a BDN (Bunker Delivery Notice). The dispute reason should be missing BDN unable to approve delivery.